Osmia Organics Lip Glosses give dry Lips a Beet-Down

Osmia Organics $18 Lip Glosses are powered by beets!
Osmia Organics’ Lip Glosses beet up dryness somethin’ fierce! They’re veggie-rific!

OK…sorry, that was just terrible. I’m not 100% awake yet.


At any rate, these lightweight, non-sticky lip glosses by Osmia Organics ($18 each), a boutique organic bath and appeal line based in Colorado, are a lot more like balms than glosses, really.

They represent my maiden voyage trying the brand, and I see that they also make all kinds of neat-looking soaps and body products.

The glosses consist of beets! Isn’t that cool? Presumably it’s for color, but I’m not absolutely sure.


القطط و البلوز ماكياج؟

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I am weirdly stoked about the whole idea (because you know me and root vegetables — we’re tight like that).

Shimmer (an orange), whisper (pink) and appeal (a red)
As someone whose lips are nearly always hella dry, I’m always on the market for a new vegetable…

Wait — I indicated “new moisturizing gloss.” and my lips have been a little less uneasy considering that Shimmer, whisper and appeal entered my life.

From the left: Simmer, whisper and Luster
Some thoughts on the three Lip Gloss shades from the perspective of a perpetually dry-lipped girl…

Moisture — Off the hook! The hydrating ingredient-ology includes Cupuaçu butter (related to cacao), and GMO-free vitamin E oil, both of which are high on the ingredient list.

Finish and coverage — all of them are quite sheer. I can’t deny that I was hoping the colors would be a lot more intense, and distinct from each other, but all three of them look a lot more or less the same on my pigmented lips.

Flavor and scent — Hmm… Waxy and earthy? I can’t say it’s my favorite scent, but it does seem natural, I guess.

Formula and texture — utterly adverbially excessively great. just lots of “ly” words to the extreme. They feel light, slick, non-sticky and smooth on my lips, but that lightness of the formula may also be why they don’t last very long. I get less than an hour of wear time from them and have to reapply often.

From the left: Simmer, whisper and Luster
I don’t feel the need to carry all three of them with me wherever I go, considering that they are quite sheer and do look similar on my pigmented lips, but I like the moisturizing formula enough to roll with at least one tube in my كيس نقود.

If your thirsty lips do like organic appeal products and don’t mind a limited wear time, they’re a good option.

PRICE: $18 for a 0.04-ounce tube
AVAILABILITY: available now online at osmiaorganics.com
MAKEUP and appeal blog RATING: B

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