Saturday Surfing, April 14th, 2018

You can go ahead and tell the awards committee that I’m ready to except my genius of the Year award ? because I only recently — and by that I imply yesterday — realized that chamomile plants smell like chamomile tea.

OK, I know, but it wasn’t apparent to me…


TJ’s had these dainty white and yellow cut flowers that I thought were daisies at first, but nope, chamomile flowers. So I brought a bouquet home.

I’ve never had a bouquet of chamomile flowers before, and when I was cutting them and putting them in a vase, they smelled just like chamomile tea.

طار العقل.


القطط و البلوز ماكياج؟

42 دولار

تسوق الآن

It’s the leaves that are the most fragrant, though, not the flowers, so if you pull off a leaf and rub it between your fingers, ooh! — it smells just like the tea.

I don’t know why this is so shocking to me, but it is…

Also blowing my mind is the fact that it’s Saturday, and I’m really pleased about that. This was an extra long one for me because I tried a different morning schedule (Connor made me do it; she’s been waking up earlier), and I’m still trying to adjust. Gotta stay loose and flexible. (Sounds like I’m talking about yoga, haha!)

هذا صحيح على الرغم من. I had been doing my blog post writing, talking to customers of the store, and taking care of life things like bill paying and whatnot at the crack of dawn before Connor woke up between about 6 am and 8, but she’s been waking up earlier this أسبوع. Her room is best next door to my room, which is my office, and when I hear her start calling “Mama? ماما؟” I’ll get her up, change her, hug her, chat with her for a bit, and then give her something to eat. then I’ll put her back in her crib to play quietly for another hour or two, which she does. She carries on complete conversations with her theater troupe of plush toys, which we call “the babies.” She can be pretty industrious.

Anyway, I’m veering off topic, but what else is new? If you’re heading to Trader Joe’s this weekend, keep an eye out for those chamomile flowers, man. ‘Cause they smell GOOD.

Right now, I’m all about coffee, and I’m on my second cup. Hang out for a spell, and drop me a line in the comments. Here’s some light reading you might also enjoy…

I’m kind of a nosy noodle, which is probably why I like those “what’s in my purse” videos a little too much, as well as this story on what a drag queen keeps in his makeup bag. It’s not just a run-down of what powder works best for baking or what contour cream sculpts cheeks that can cut glass, either. It’s a meditation on the power of makeup to transform and develop and how it ties one person to a long tradition of painting faces.

It’s the short article that moved me the most this week.

OK, how could the peeps at Sephora NOT notice that this makeup sponge, which is supposedly patterned after a sea creature, looks like…something else.

I imply COME ON! Allegedly, the ridges have a function other than bringing out your inner dirty birdy.

Have you been viewing The Voice this season? Alicia keys is one of the judges, and even though I keep being amazed and disappointed by the way the cookie crumbles once the live voting part of the show starts, and the same types of singers and styles win over and over again, EVERY single SEASON, I still like the blind auditions and the battle rounds, which is why I still view it.

Anywho, I really didn’t know much about Alicia before the show, other than her songs, which I’ve loved, and then I also remember that I read somewhere that she relatively recently chose to stop wearing makeup.

But I really liked this piece in variety where she talks about her views on feminism. She sounds a cool person to have lunch with, and her mom… Oh, wow. Her mother sounds kind of amazing. If adult Connor ever talks about me like Alicia keys talks about her mom, I’d say I did OK.

More and much more men in China are wearing makeup, and the trend is being driven by male charm vloggers.

Kerry Washington’s new Neutrogena collection looks like a neutral and brown eyeshadow person’s dream (MY DREAM) come true. I’m all over this!

This artist uses her lips as a canvas and often makes references to well-known paintings and objects in nature.

Sometimes she also paints on her lipstick tubes and adds them to her creations, which I think is very cool!

I feel full-on cheesy best now… I’m deep in Gouda/mozzarella/Parmesan mode today for some reason, and I’d like to remind you, in case you need it, that you can deal with anything that comes your way ، حبيبي. يمكنك أن تفعل ذلك!


Have a fantastic weekend, babe. drop me a line in the comments.

مدمن سحر الحي الصديق،


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