Foundation mixology

because I’m guilty of purchasing new foundations instead of using up my current open bottle(s), typically I have at least 12 different ones on the go.  Some of them are better suited for the summer, while others are only used during the winter season months.  My skin tone often straddle between light and medium shades, so I typically mix 2 different shades to get a suitable colour match.   In addition, mixing different foundation formulas helps to get a finish that works better for my combination skin type.

Typically, I like to mix foundations to both colour match and improve on the formulations to my liking.

Here are some of my tried-and-true foundation mixes:

The Body Shop Extra Virgin Minerals liquid foundation in #108 golden Ivory – $25 for 28 ml (this item is no longer available in Canada)

Vichy Aera Teint Pure fluid foundation in 23 Ivory – $28 for 30ml (it’s nearly impossible to find information about this online but it’s readily available at drugstores in Canada)

The Body shop foundation in #108 was the lightest shade they provided that wasn’t pink toned. On me, this foundation is very yellow (almost ochre) and too dark. The formula is good though – an emollient liquid with a dewy finish. The shade could work if I was self-tanned in the summer months, but the formula was better suited for winter season time. This is where the Vichy foundation comes in. The Vichy foundation in #23 works well on its own for my winter season skin, however, its is a bit drying on its own. Mixed together, this concoction is ideal all year round.  I get a good shade match, and a medium coverage foundation with a satin finish.

Bourjois Mineral Matte Mousse foundation in 83 Sable – $26 for 18 ml (got this on clearance, this item is now discontinued)

Revlon PhotoReady Airbrush Mousse makeup in #003 Nude – $12 for 39.7g

Alone, each of these foundations are a disaster.  The shade of the Bourjois is too yellow and dark on me.  The mousse texture was also quite thick, and somewhat challenging to blend into the skin.  The Revlon mousse dispenses through a foaming aerosol can that creates a frothy cloud of foundation that has visible glitter.  The shade nude is also slightly ashy on me.  However, when I mix these 2 foundations together, they seem to cancel out each other’s bad parts and I’m left with a somewhat glowy foundation that lasts very well on my skin.

Maybelline instant Age Rewind Eraser treatment Makeup in #260 Buff – $16 for 20ml

Sephora perfection mist Airbrush foundation in fair – $31 for 53g

I purchased the Maybelline foundation with the objective of mixing it with other foundations or using as a contour because I knew that the colour was way too dark for me (this was the only shade in the clearance bin and I really wanted to try it because I love the corresponding concealer so much).  There’s nothing bad about the formula – it’s got a lot of silicone in it so it’s quite slippery to blend – maybe a little too slick.  The Sephora airbrush foundation was a “Youtube made me purchase it” item – after seeing numerous rave videos, my curiosity got the better of me.  I really like the formula, however, the shade is a touch too light for me (although, I think the next shade up “Light”, would have been too orange on me).  And let’s be honest, it’s not really an airbrush foundation – it dispenses through an aerosol can, but there is no way to spray this directly onto my face to create an airbrushed look.  The best way to apply this is spray onto the palm of your hand, then use either a brush or a sponge to apply to the face.

• There are no guidelines for mixing foundations (most of these were trial and error), but a essential element in success is to first make sure both formulas are either water based or oil based – mixing a water with an oil based liquid will result in foundation separation and pilling (little bits rolling off the skin when rubbed).
• in some cases I pre-mix the foundations in the palm of my hand before applying to my face, in some cases I just dab dots of each straight onto my face and blend (pro-tip: apply the darker colour at the perimeter of the face and concentrate the lighter shade in the center to do a contour / highlight).
• I don’t always mix 50/50 of each foundation – I just eyeball the mixture ratio depending on what kind of finish I’m aiming for.  Another bonus, depending of the time of year and how pale or tanned I am, I can customize my shade by adjusting the mixture ratio.

Do you ever mix your foundations to get the best colour or finish?

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