مدونة العناية بالبشرة التجميلية Long Island Babylon NYC Cosmetics Online Hauls: makeup Geek, Glossier, as well as appeal Bay (Shipping to Canada)

Online Hauls: makeup Geek, Glossier, as well as appeal Bay (Shipping to Canada)

July was my “Low-Buy” month which coincided with my birthday month (it was no accident, I orchestrated it to ensure that I was able to haul for my birthday ), so the floodgates were open as well as I particularly went to town with on the internet orders.  Here are the 3 on the internet merchants I bought from:

Makeup Geek, appeal Bay, as well as Glossier!  It was my very first time ordering from Makeup Geek as well as Glossier. For reference, I online in Toronto, Canada as well as costs will be specified in Canadian dollars (CAD) unless otherwise noted. As an “international” client from a lot of on the internet sources, it’s always a difficulty when it pertains to shipping time as well as costs from a Canadian point of view – here’s what I gotten as well as my experience.

Makeup Geek

• blush pan in trick Admirer $10 USD (this is provided as to be discontinued so I just had to get hold of it)
• blush pan in XOXO $4 USD (this was in their damaged section however it is in mint condition!)
• Foiled Eyeshadow pan in Mesmerized $10 USD
• Duochrome Eyeshadow pan in Steampunk $6 USD
• Duochrome Eyeshadow pan in Mai Tai $6 USD
• Eyeshadow pan in Barcelona beach $6 USD
• makeup Geek travel vault combination $13.00 USD

I lastly got my paws on some mug goodies! By the way, I clicked with TheMakeupCase’s link to location my buy (it’s on her sidebar).

Here are the pans all snug inside the palette:

I believe the combination might in shape one a lot more eye shadow – now I kick myself for not getting one a lot more (had my eye on the shade “Prom Night” however just exactly how lots of taupe eye shadows does one person need? It’s the biggest secret of life! )

تفاصيل الشحن:
Ordered: July 9th
Shipped: July 11th
Received: July 17th
Source: Jackson, MI (USA)
Shipping cost: $6.99 USD, no complimentary shipping offer
Prices shown as USD on site, taxes not included

The shipping was quick as well as easy – I did not get dinged on taxes / custom-made charges (my overall pertained to $83 CAD). The packaging was outstanding both in function (box was compact as well as products were wrapped in tissue) as well as in type (sleek black box with metallic logo sticker on the outside, as well as hot pink tissue paper inside).

Beauty Bay

• Anna Sui Eye & deal with Colour Angel Feather in A700 Mouton $13.30
• Anna Sui deal with Colour in 301 Apricot Peach Garland $18.70 (on clearance)

I bought these generally to fill out my Anna Sui compact! I provided these Anna Sui eye shadows in my last favourites as well as I’m extremely delighted to add one a lot more shade to round out my collection:

The blush was on sale as well as I like exactly how this eye as well as cheek combination can be great for weekend travel.

تفاصيل الشحن:
Ordered: July 10th
Shipped: July 14th
Received: July 31st
Source: Manchester (UK)
Via: Česká pošta Prioritaire (it was truly strange that this was shipped by means of Czech publish however the return address is in the UK)
Shipping cost: complimentary with minimum $25 purchase; otherwise $6.50
Prices shown in CAD (converted from £), taxes not included

I’ve bought 2 other times from appeal Bay as well as all the shipments take 2 weeks minimum to arrive. I’ve always kept the overall below $100 as well as have not had problems with taxes / customs. The size of the shipping box was bit absurd – for 2 small products – I might have in shape a pair of shoes inside that box!  But, at least it was extremely well padded inside with great deals of paper.


• Balm Dotcom in Coconut $15
• Milky Jelly Cleanser $22
I wished to dip my toes into this brand so I stuck with only 2 products (there’s a complimentary shipping offer with any type of 2 products purchase).  I checked out so lots of on the internet evaluations to narrow it down to these 2. I was likewise eyeing the Cloud paint as well as the Generation G lipstick.

تفاصيل الشحن:
Ordered: July 23rd
Shipped: July 24th
Received: July 28th
Source: Mississauga, ON (Canada)
Via: DHL
Shipping cost: complimentary shipping with any type of 2 product purchase; routine shipping is $8
Prices shown in CAD as well as all applicable taxes included – this makes sense considering that the storehouse is – surprisingly – a regional source.

Why, say thanks to you! سوف الإطراء تحصل في كل مكان.
When I discovered that Glossier is lastly shipping to Canada, I jumped at the complimentary shipping offer.  Shipping time was quick provided that Mississauga is only about 30 minutes away from Toronto.  Technically, I only paid for 2 products however when I opened the box, I was greeted with a great deal of extras, plus a sample of their Priming Moisturizer.

This brand truly has their picture securely managed – no detail is overlooked; from the carton to the little extras like the reusable bubble wrap zip lock pouch, to the stickers, to the postcard – they all shriek “I’mمحاولة صعبة للغاية! ”

وجهودها تدفع – يمكنني الحصول على ملصقات Freebie. أنا سهل الانقياد.

تادا، كل الأشياء الجيدة معا!
بشكل عام، كانت القدح وكذلك الشحنات المتصورة مثيرة للإعجاب – سريع للغاية وكذلك تعبئتها بشكل جيد بشكل ملحوظ. كان خليج الاستئناف مخيبا للآمال قليلا ولكن أقوم بذلك، حيث يقدمون شحن مجاني في هذا الحد الأدنى للدولار المنخفض إلى حد ما (يحتاج معظم المواقع إلى 50 دولارا من الشراء لشحن مجاني) بالإضافة إلى مخزون بعض العلامات التجارية الثابتة للعثور عليها. أود إعادة شراء من جميع المواقع الثلاثة في المستقبل.

هل اشتريت من هذه على مواقع الإنترنت من قبل، أو حاولت المنتجات التي حصلت عليها؟ ما هي محبوبتك في متاجر الإنترنت للتسوق لمنتجات الاستئناف؟

شارك هذا:

انقر للبريد الإلكتروني هذا إلى صديق جيد (يفتح في نافذة جديدة)
انقر للمشاركة على Pinterest (يفتح في نافذة جديدة)

انقر للمشاركة على Twitter (يفتح في نافذة جديدة)
انقر للمشاركة على Tumblr (يفتح في نافذة جديدة)

انقر للمشاركة على Reddit (يفتح في نافذة جديدة)

مثل التحميل …

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