Saturday Surfing, December 21st, 2019

mama and daughter lunch date yesterday. (Please note the headless gingerbread man.)
Good morning and delighted Caturday, my friend. ب Are you feeling the Christmas spirit today? I am, coupled with excitement and a tinge of exhaustion, because…

In case you didn’t know this, sugary baked goods are in high demand this time of year. ب Yeah, it’s been busy at the bakery (!), and I’ve baked a lot more cookies and cakes over the last two weeks than I’ve ever baked in my entire life!


Don’t get me wrong — I’m loving it, but I’m so delighted to have a few days off. (Side note: The arches of my feet are delighted about it too. speaking of that, can anybody recommend good shoes for standing on your feet a lot?)

In other news, yesterday was Connor Claire’s annual preschool Christmas ? performance, and she and her classmates sung their sweet little hearts out.

It was the first day I’ve had with her all to myself in a while, just like the good ol’ days, so we made a girls’ day of it and did some last-minute Christmas shopping before grabbing lunch at the bakery we used to go to after story time at the library.


القطط و البلوز ماكياج؟

42 دولار

تسوق الآن

I’m reminded of this all the time, seems like anywhere I look, but in case you haven’t heard it lately, here goes: Time is fleeting and so, so precious. Be gentle with yourself and others, and cherish the time you have with the crucial creatures in your life.

OK…on that (preachy) note, it’s crucial that I get a lot more caffeine into my system as soon as humanly possible. I’m on a tea kick at the moment, so I’m gonna get down with this cup of Earl Grey with honey and milk. ب

Here’s this weekend’s reading:

This makeup carousel (which looks like a lazy susan!) is allegedly for people with a lot of products, but I dunno… I’d need like 25 of them. الضحك بصوت مرتفع!

Wanna learn how to put on makeup like a Rockette?

Need some inspo for that holiday party? Pat McGrath’s got your back.

If you’re all about trendy nail polish, then put velvet chrome nails on your radar for your next manicure.

Because I’m sure this has happened to all of us at one point in time: how to get nail polish out of your carpet.

16 unusual ways to hurt yourself when you’re over 40. (Side note: It’s a jungle out there.)

The curious history of Earl Grey tea (my fave at the moment).

You know you love this song.

‘Cause you make me feel…

J. Lo’s makeup in this is killer.

Who else needs to wrap gifts this weekend?

Coy-coy and I just enjoyed this movie.

I can’t wait to see this!


Have the sweetest Saturday.

مدمن نداء الجوار الخاص بك،


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